Using meta-objects to support optimisation in the Apertos operating system


Jun-ichiro Itoh, Rodger Lea and Yasuhiko Yokote

Book Title:

USENIX Conference on Object Oriented Technologies (COOTS), June 1995


The Apertos OS has explored the use of the meta-object model and reflection as a means to build highly flexible operating systems. While the benefits of such a system are great, the performance cost of a clean consistent use of the meta object model is high. Our initial work accepted this because of our desire to explore the model to its fullest. Recently we have turned our attention to optimisation techniques. Our work is interesting because we have tried to use the flexibility of the model to support our optimisations. This is in contrast to many systems that restrict or even compromise their initial model for the sake of performance. This paper outlines the Apertos system and discusses the optimisations we have made.