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Describing me...

19 years after Sting's birthday.
Blood type:
B Rh+
Great at work, suck horrible in personal/love affairs. Workaholic (it is a SERIOUS mental disease). Likes weird things (or do not like popular things). Proud to be a nerd/geek. Indoor guy.


About me...

I have been hacking computers from my junior high school days. My first personal computer (of my own) was NEC's PC-9801F2, and it made me really mad (or too happy). It made me quit from junior high's brass band, only few months after it's arrival to my home:-)

Job offers are, of course, welcomed. I'm especially interested in jobs related to internetworking in the Silicon Valley area. ...only if you can beat the current deal I got.


Favorite quotes:
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long." (Ridley Scott, "Blade Runner")
"We reject Kings, presidents, and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code."(Dave Clark, 1992)
"Can I have everything louder than everything else?"(Deep Purple "Live in Japan")
Favorite foods:
Everything, especially Ethnic Asian (Indian, Cambodian, Chinese... of course, Japanese)
Harry: There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.
Sally: Which one am I?
Harry: You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.
("When Harry Met Sally")
Favorite musicians:
Ravi Shankar, (click here or here for comprehensive discography) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, (or here) Pat Metheny (click here, here, here or here), Brain Police(PANTA), Masayuki Yamamoto (see here, here, or here), Fuyumi Sakamoto, Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys, Tokyo Latin Mood Deluxe (shidax/ pony canyon), Moichi Kuwahara, Blankey Jet City, Modern Choki-choki's, Deep Purple, Annie Lennox/Eurythmics, Soul Flower Union, Kabocha shokai, Lee So Ra
Favorite films:
"Cherry Orchard" (Shun Nakahara)
"Royal Space Force" (Hiroyuki Yamaga)
"Futari" (Nobuhiko Ohbayashi)
"Gunbuster" (Hideaki Anno)
"This window is yours" (Tomonori Furumaya)
"The christ of nanjing" (Tony Au)
"Braindead" (Peter Jackson)
"Dawn of the Dead" (George A.Romero)
"Darkman" (Sam Raimi)
"Knightriders" (George A.Romero)
"Brainstorm" (Douglas Trumbull)
"Blade Runner" (Ridley Scott)
"Wizard of Speed and Time" (Mike Jittlov, see also here and here)
"Xena: warrior princess" (Sam Raimi) (see here for more info)
"The Parent Trap" (1998)
"The Matrix"
"Christmas in August"
Family name used to be Itoh (until 1998/12/22)

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