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Jun-ichiro Hagino was born 1970 as Jun-ichiro Itoh, in Tokyo Japan. He is often called "itojun" for short. He has been playing (or, "hacking" --- please do not misundrestand, "hacking" and "cracking" are DIFFERENT) with computers since his elementary school days. His interest into the computers got deeper when he got the first modem, and get hooked up to the computer network, in his highschool days. Since then, he is famous for creating free softwares, for both DOS and UNIX systems.
His main topic at this moment is IPv6 and IPsec. He was a core researcher at KAME Project, which aimed to provide IPv6 and IPsec technology in freely redistributable form.
In the past, he attended Keio University in April 1989 (note that the school year starts in spring in Japan), and received Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (March 1993), Master in Computer Science (March 1995), and Ph.D degree (March 1998). In parallel to the life as a doctor candidate at Keio University, he was working at Sony CSL, as Visiting research student since April 1993, and as Assistant Researcher since January 1996. (this kind of carrier path is very unusual in Japan)
He has been doing research and development in operating systems, networking and multilingual processing domain. He is interested in deploying the ideas of "free software" and free BSD UNIX variants to public.
He was awarded an "1996 JSSST Takahashi Award" for his paper titled "Implementing IPv6 protocol stack onto the Apertos operating system".

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Favorite languages: C with POSIX libraries, C in BSD UNIX kernel, and perl.



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